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Joshua Reid

Joshua ReidWith a vocal sound as unique and obscure as his personality, Nashville native Josh Reid is an original. He claims that he didn’t really enjoy music until later in life, due to hearing his father playing trumpet all the time. “It just didn’t seem fun to me at first”, Josh laughs. Spending most of his life in Georgia, Josh attended college at UGA, majoring in graphic design. This was where he developed his passion for music in the local scene. He formed a band called the Reeds, which was eventually heard by Marc Christian. Josh moved back to Nashville in 2009, and his uncle introduced him to Marc. They started writing songs together, along with J.C., and out of the madness came three styles blended as one. So how did Josh really become a member of Brother Slade? Marc called him up one day and said, “I need you to show up for a photo shoot”. Not only did he show up, but he also designed the album artwork and the website!

What is your part in the band?

Guitar, vocals…, hey…do you like my sunglasses?

Home state:


Currently resides:

Anywhere they let me come inside, in Nashville, Tennessee


According to my lawyer, I can’t speak about that. As far as music go’s, I like Dave Matthews, Ryan Adams, the Eagles, & Fleetwood Mac.


Guitar, SEC football, PBR, & not getting caught.